Friday, March 23, 2012

Butler and Mellon go 0 - 1 - 0 in 'Heart'

Heart by Blair Butler(w) and Kevin Mellon (w)

Heart is a 4-part mini from Image Comics that tells the story of Oren Redmond, an office worker who is slogging away at making a name for himself as an MMA fighter.  The writing credits belong to Blair Butler with art duties going to Kevin Mellon.  In this debut effort of what is essentially a tale of trajectory as seen in many a sports story in recent years (with examples such as Bad News Bears, Dodgeball, The Blind Side, the list goes on) where a person whose life is going nowhere fast, with little to zero skill in a given sport, decides to throw in all their chips, train hard and finally their dedication takes them to ‘The Big Show’ where they eventually compete on a professional level, the outcome of which being an experience that the protagonist learns valuable lessons about themselves. 

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